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PIA Expresses Caution Over Healthcare Exec Order

(10/17/2017) PIA expressed caution in a statement issued in response to President Trump’s October 12 Executive Order on healthcare. The order calls for expanded access to ... full story

Fears of Market Turmoil with ACA Support Cut

(10/17/2017) President Trump’s decision to immediately end payments to the $8 billion Affordable Care Act cost-sharing reduction program, terminating subsidies that carrie... full story

Possible Healthcare Executive Order Delayed

(10/04/2017) An executive order from President Donald Trump boosting sales of health insurance across state lines has been delayed, according to people following the issue. full story

Senate GOP Kills Health-Care Bill, Ending ACA Repeal Push

(9/27/2017) Senate Republicans gave up on their last-ditch bid to repeal Obamacare Tuesday as opposition in their own ranks ended months of fruitless efforts to deliver on ... full story

Healthcare Hearings Set for This Week

(9/06/2017) The first two in a series of bipartisan hearings on how to repair and stabilize the individual health insurance market will take place this week. Sen. Lamar Ale... full story

Reinsurance Slows Health Rates in Minnesota

(9/06/2017) Health insurance rate increases requested for 2018 in Minnesota are relatively modest partly because of a new reinsurance program under which the state will hel... full story

All U.S. Counties to Have An ACA Plan

(8/29/2017) With CareSource agreeing to offer Affordable Care Act plans in Paulding County, Ohio, all U.S. counties now have marketplace offerings for next year... full story

U.S. Counties Without an ACA Plan Down to One

(8/23/2017) As of Aug. 20, residents of all but one U.S. county will have access to an Affordable Care Act health plan next year... full story

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