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NOAA: Harvey Second-Costliest After Katrina

(1/30/2018) The National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Hurricane Harvey likely caused $125 billion in damages, making ... full story

GA Bill Proposes Medical Billing Transparency

(1/30/2018) Georgia state lawmakers are considering legislation that supporters say aims to promote more transparency in medical billing for outpatient procedures at doctor... full story

Three-Day Government Shutdown, Three Week Reprieve

(1/24/2018) The three-day federal government shutdown ended with Monday’s compromise in Congress extending funding until February 8... full story

An Ancestry Test Could Make It Harder to Buy Life Insurance

(1/24/2018) The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning that genetic testing kits do more than reveal a person's ancestry and "can disclose the biological building bl... full story

Delaware Vets Get Refunds for Insurance Licensing

(1/24/2018) The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has approved Delaware for the reimbursement of licensing test fees to veterans. The reimbursement includes fees for the ... full story

High-Tech on Cars Drives Up Insurance Rates

(1/24/2018) Back-up cameras, touch-screen controls, blind-spot monitoring, and other high-tech gadgets in cars could lead to higher auto insurance rates. “If they’re da... full story

NFIP Guidance Issued by DHS Following Government Shutdown

(1/20/2018) The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reissued guidance to National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Write-Your-Own (WYO) insurance companies, servicing a... full story

A.M. Best Raises C/L Outlook to Stable

(1/17/2018) For the first time in seven years, A.M. Best has boosted its outlook on the commercial lines segment of the U.S. property/casualty industry, to stable from nega... full story

New Study Says Mitigation Pays

(1/17/2018) Federal programs to protect Americans against extreme weather and other natural disasters save even more money than previously thought, according to a report fu... full story

2018 Insurance Digital Transformation Study

(1/17/2018) We are asking agents to answer a series of questions for the 2018 Insurance Digital Transformation Study of agents’ use of digital technologies. The survey by... full story

PA Consumers Benefit From Competitive Auto Market

(1/17/2018) Acting Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman announced a national study indicating that Pennsylvania auto insurance consumers continue to benefit from the state... full story

Some People in Deserts Need Flood Insurance

(1/17/2018) More than 100 homes were damaged or destroyed by mudslides that followed wildfires in Montecito, California... full story

Insurance Notices Threaten Young Adults’ Privacy

(1/17/2018) Young adults can remain on their parents’ health insurance policies until they turn 26, but when they use it for counseling, pregnancy tests, addiction treatm... full story

U.S. P/C Insurance Outlook Remains Stable

(1/09/2018) A.M. Best is maintaining a stable outlook on the personal lines segment of the U.S. property/casualty industry for 2018... full story

Some California Homeowners Lose Coverage

(1/09/2018) Some California homeowners face policy cancellation or significantly higher rates after the 2017 wildfire season as insurers reassess their risks in areas where... full story

2017 Set a Record for Disaster Losses

(1/09/2018) Insurers are set to pay out a record $135 billion to cover losses from natural disasters in 2017, the world’s largest reinsurer told the New York Times, drive... full story

Amazon Takes Step Toward Insurance

(1/09/2018) The Times of India reports that Amazon is looking at injecting cash into Acko General Insurance, an online-only insurance start-up based in India... full story

2017 One of Worst Disaster Years

(1/03/2018) The year 2017 will go down as one of the worst for disasters in the United States. The U.S. recorded 15 weather events costing $1 billion or more each through e... full story

Scandal Insurance Product Being Crafted

(1/03/2018) The surge in scandals involving allegations of sexual assault and harassment is fueling interest in the development of a new insurance product, to protect again... full story

Colorado Gets New Insurance Commissioner

(1/03/2018) Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has named Michael Conway as the state’s interim insurance commissioner. Conway takes over from Marguerite Salazar, who had bee... full story